Pedi in a Box (4-Step)
  • Pedi in a Box (4-Step)

    'Pedi in a Box' is a 4-step pedicure treatment.


    Enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition they need. Each product is individually packed with the right amount for a single pedicure.


    Set Includes:

    • Sea Salt Soak
    • Sugar Scrub
    • Mud Masque
    • Massage Cream


    All products in the 'Pedi in a Box' are vegan friendly.



    What does your skin crave?


    Mango Delight - Re-hydrate dull & dry skin with mango extract.

    Chocolate Love - Hello, sweet glow! Use for soft, wrinkle free skin.

    Eucalyptus Energy Boost - Need a skin re-energiser? Refresh with Eucalyptus oil. 

    Jasmine Soothe - Feeling discomfort? Calm your skin with Jasmine.

    Lavender Relieve - Relax & de-stress with pure Lavender extract.

    Tangerine Twist - For happy and healthy feet, plus a little pick-me-up!

    Olive Sensation - Feet rough & dry? Renew with Virgin Olive Oil.

    Ocean Refresh - Refresh & cool with peppermint & seaweed. 

    Vitamin Recharge - Feeling exhausted? Recharge with Vitamin C.

    Cucumber Fresh - Cucumber extract delivers a fresh and healthy glow!

    Lemon Quench - Quench your skin’s thirst & flush toxins away!



    20% of every sale of this item will be donated to National Autistic Society via Work for Good.