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1 product can do all this.....

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Most of us know of the calming and relaxing benefits of Lavender oil. You'll find it in most sleep sprays and products designed to aid sleep. But did you know that Lavender oil can also do all of this.....

relieve stress and promote relaxation

support healthy brain functionality

promote deeper sleep

freshen and purify the air

support normal respiration

support a healthy nervous system

soothe and revitalise skin

reduce muscle soreness

support the immune system

repel bugs and insects

So what does all of that mean? Well, here's some ways you can make use of Lavender oil.....

Promote deeper sleep by adding a few drops of Lavender oil to your pillows or bedding allowing you to inhale the relaxing lavender aroma as you drift off to sleep.

Freshen musty smelling rooms, clothes, furniture by mixing lavender oil with water in a spray bottle. Spray a light mist on clothes, in your car, on your mattress, any areas that require freshening up.

Use lavender oil as a natural insect repellent. Mix 235ml of water with 4 drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle, mix to combine and spray on skin and clothing before going outside. You can also pop some lavender oil on cotton wool balls and dot them around the house. Flys, moths and other insects don't like the smell of lavender so it'll deter them from coming into your home.

Add a drop of lavender oil to a splinter to help reduce skin swelling and expose more of the splinter to allow for easier removal.

Help encourage healing of cold sores by mixing 1 drop of lavender oil with 10-15 drops of fractionated coconut oil and then apply regularly to the cold sore.

Help soothe head colds and illness by applying a few drops of lavender oil to a bowl of boiling water and drape a towel over your head to trap the steam. Hold your head at least 1 foot from the bowl to avoid burning and inhale deeply. Use boiling water with caution!

Combine 25 drops of lavender oil with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle for a more natural all purpose cleaner.

Unwind in a relaxing bath with a 8-10 drops of lavender oil and a cup of Epsom salts. Lay back, breathe deeply and relax.

A mix of lavender oil and cold water sprayed onto sunburn can provide instant cooling relief whilst the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of the lavender encourage healing. Mix 10 drops of lavender oil with 120ml of water in a spray bottle. For added relief, mix in a teaspoon of aloe vera gel.

Lavender has been known to help with minor motion sickness symptoms. Experiment with applying lavender oil to your wrists, behind the ears, temples etc to see where it helps best.

As with anything, if you notice a reaction to the oil, stop using immediately.

Have you got any favourite uses for lavender oil? Pop them in the comments below, we'd love to hear them. Or if you try any of our remedies, we'd love to hear how they worked for you.

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