O2 Bubbly Spa Pedi in a Box (4-Step)
  • O2 Bubbly Spa Pedi in a Box (4-Step)

    O2 Bubbly Spa is a complete oxygen pedicure system, the perfect solution for a skin reset! These products deeply detoxify and purify while delivering delicious benefits. Leaving you comfortably clean, clear and conditioned.


    Set includes:

    • Bubbly Soak
    • Sugar Scub
    • Bubbly Mud Masque
    • Massage Butter


    All products in the 'Pedi in a Box' are vegan friendly.



    What does your skin crave?


    Raspberry Sorbet - Infused with a perfect blend of raspberry and flower petal extracts that work like magic on dry and dull skin! Made to brighten, tighten and delivery BERRY beautiful skin. 

    Mint Mimosa - A mix of fresh mint and citrus extracts that effectively boost your skin's health! This blend is an excellent skin cleanser and delivers a cooling sensation that leaves skin tingly, clean and refreshed. 



    20% of every sale of this item will be donated to National Autistic Society via Work for Good.