BloomSpa Pillow Mist

BloomSpa Pillow Mist

Lavender offers calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress and restlessness.  It's relaxing scent makes it an ideal ingredient for helping to reduce stress, tension and restlessness while its sedative properties also help induce sleep.


If you sometimes toss and turn restlessly throughout the night, or have trouble drifting off, this natural pillow spray will inspire deep relaxation and calm the overactive mind.

Our Lavender Pillow Spray is 100% natural, chemical free and vegan-friendly.


Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angstfolia), Witch Hazel ( Hamamelis virginians) Water

For External use only.


Keep away from eyes and children.  Test a small amount on a discreet area of bedding prior to use. As with any essential oils if pregnant or breastfeeding, taking any medication or suffering from any medical condition consult a doctor before use.

  • How To Use

    Shake well before use. Simply spray 3-4 sprays on your pillow and bed linen, leave to dry for 1 minute before bed and enjoy your night sleep.